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Thank you for reaching out to us! There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a real informative video, all positivity, no negative vibes. 


NO ONE BELIEVES IN HAIR VIDEOS, WHEN THE COMPANY SENDS THEM THE HAIR FOR FREE. They think it's a scam. They think maybe the models hair looks a certain way, but when they buy the hair, they won't get the same quality. This is because other hair companies have abused hair extension clients so bad, it's unthinkable. 


The CEO is looking for clients that have made videos on the hair extensions and providing them the opportunity to receive payment every 2 weeks whenever someone clicks on your personal link to our website and orders. 


The program is called the BES Babe Program. You would be given a link, and you are able to use the link anywhere (link in bio of YouTube, posts, etc). The pay is $5 per person that clicks on the link and orders, with the opportunity to increase the pay to $10 after reaching 500 clicks and orders or CAO. You are able to track the CAOs per a link that we will provide to you, and you MUST have a paypal account to be paid. No W-2 will be sent as this is contract work. We do not allow advertising another hair company while getting paid from BES, as this is a conflict of interest. You are however provided a discount while you are on the BES Affiliate Program of $50 off per order for yourself, which the code changes per video you create. And you also have the opportunity to have your video featured on our website, for our 360,000+ visitors a month (including celebrities, agents, etc.) 


The whole point is to create videos for clients to see the quality, and your beautiful face, all while knowing that YOU paid for your hair, and how you style the hair, so there are no gimmicks attached, just real girls in real hair. We actually don’t mind if you decide to tell people that you are a BES Affiliate, and you do receive a small discount but you are still purchasing the hair..  If interested, please see link below for approval.



Commission structure

Title Commission form Commission Recurrence
Standard Fixed $5 Weekly

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